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Beng Pole Dance Shop is not only a store. They are also women full of passion, motivation and commitment. Several of them became ambassadors of our store. We would like to introduce them to you and at the same time provide you with a large dose of inspiration!



I have been training since 2013. I started training because the peasant dumped me and I thought that I would learn to shake my ass. I was wrong! I gained superpowers! My students are my inspiration! I love how they progress and when the impossible becomes possible. BENG's favorite product is the pink set! I love <3 Pants with stripes are the first panties of this type in which I feel cool and sweatpants!

What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning of their adventure?

He replies: "go your way, do not give satisfaction to your enemies." Seriously - everything that used to be difficult, tomorrow will be easy, well the day after tomorrow.



She has been dancing for over 10 years. My heart has been stolen by the feminine variety of dancehall - Dancehall Queen Style. I also shake my ass a bit, but not the outfits from experimenting in motion, and I love improvisations. I also study with this all the time. I also train calisthenics and acrobatics, because that also stole my heart. Besides, I love high heels dancing and making people cross the world - by stretching. And totally for fun - acro yoga. Once upon a time for 3 years pole dance and exo. I hope to come back to it again. I am inspired by many people, not only related to dance ... I don't know why I started training xD, I know why I do it now. I meet a lot of wonderful people on my way and I have a lot of wonderful memories related to sports and dance. And there will be more. Favorite product from BENG are leopard panties (with stripes!) And a black long sleeve shirt with open backs.

What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning of their adventure?

Enjoy the road itself, take pleasure in it. Not only the goal. Take joy and satisfaction from training and allow yourself to have bad days from time to time!



I started training in December 2014. On a daily basis I am an instructor at the Real Passion pole dance studio in Krakow. Pole choreo, exotic flow and spinning pole are my specialties. Recently, apart from the dances, my heart was stolen by the dynamics on the tube. In addition, I am also a choreographer and dancer of the Terpsichore Dance Theater. I started training because I wanted to try something new - thus I found something that I want to devote to in my life. Dancing is my greatest passion. My inspiration is everything around me - people, emotions, music, nature and so on. My favorite Beng product is definitely a top long sleeve shirt - it goes with everything! For skinny shorts, sweatpants and a skirt for a party!

What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning of their adventure?

Never give up because you can achieve anything you dream about if you put in enough work. Never lose faith in yourself! <3



I have been training since 2014. At the beginning, pole dance was an addition to dance sets and sports passion. Before the tube, I practiced ballroom dancing for about 7 years, but I replaced my waltz partner for the tube and it turned out to be good for me. Over time, Pole Dance became my way of life. On a daily basis I run the Sky Pole Studio school in Warsaw and it is here that I train myself and my students. Currently, he trains the field of sport and exotic HA de-stressing! There was a turning point in my life when I broke up with my boyfriend and you know when a woman is breaking up, everything has to be changed and it was the same in my case. I cut my hair to my ear, got a tattoo and went to Pole Dance - that's how it started. It would take a long time to list my inspirations, but the first things that come to my mind are: Exotic- Alyona Amber and Sasha Meow, Pole Sport -Olena Minina and Marie Moulin Marcerou. My favorite BENG product is a top with an open back and panther panties with stripes - the perfect set for an exo BENG!

What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning of their adventure?

Never give up on a goal just because it takes time to achieve it. Time will pass anyway.



I started my adventure with pole dance in 2014, but I was already crazy in other fields of dance. For 5 years I have been training ballroom dancing, then hip-hop and modern dance. However, when I jumped in the glasses I fell in love from the first try on. I train at Dance Temple in Poznań - it is here that, together with my students, we warm up the dance floor to red! My biggest love is Exotic pole dance with a strong emphasis on "pin-punching" in EXOTIC HARD. I started training at a turning point in my life. Everything turned upside down and I decided it was time to make my dreams come true. And one of my dreams was to learn pole dance! All the dancers and dancers are my inspiration! Everyone is unique in what they do. Everyone dances differently, with a different energy and story to tell. That is why everyone who puts their heart into it is a great inspiration for me. I have two favorite BENG products that create a perfect match! Black long sleeve shirt and leopard shorts with stripes! The combination of classics and a predatory accent is a bull's eye!

What advice do you have for those who are at the beginning of their adventure?


These are the words that fall out of my mouth the most. Never give up! Did not work?! Does not matter! Try again! Feel - close your eyes and imagine that you are dancing only for yourself. Let your imagination run wild. Don't look at others - look at yourself and SHOW THEM HOW IT'S DONE!



Trenuję od ponad 3 lat, początkowo był to sam pole dance, jednak po czasie postanowiłam zakupić swoje pierwsze szklanki i totalnie przepadłam! Jeśli chodzi o exotic to jestem samoukiem, chodziłam na wynajętą sale i uczyłam się choreografii z internetu. Po jakimś czasie zaczęłam tworzyć własne i tak już zostało. Obecnie jestem instruktorką w studiu Pole and More w Warszawie, oraz Xtreme w Łodzi. Zaczęłam trenować bo były wakacje i cholernie mi się nudziło, ot cała historia. Moją największą inspiracją jest Anela Kuzmina, którą kocham za pokręcony styl i zajebiste tricki. Ulubiony produkt BENG to długie lateksowe buty za kolano, które jak założę to już nic nie muszę robić, robią taki efekt.

Jaką masz radę dla osób, które są na początku swojej przygody?

Osobom, które są na początku swojej kariery zdecydowanie radziłabym nie poddawanie się po pierwszych niepowodzeniach, bo wielkie rzeczy przychodzą z czasem 



Zaczęłam trenować na początku studiów, z przerwami trenuję jakoś 5.5 roku. Namówiły mnie siostra i przyjaciółka. Zajęcia zawsze dawały mi poczucie siły i nie były nudne. Moją inspiracją czy motywacją jest mój progres, ale także Instagram- jak tylko widzę fajne combo, muszę spróbować i później siedzę do północy po zajęciach. Magda Karasińska jest jedną z moich pewnie +/-300 inspiracji... Ulubiony set BENG to srebrny z paskami, bo jest kosmiczny i czuje się w nim jak rakieta, ale w sercu dalej pozostaje longsleeve, w którym chodzę wszędzie i czuje się taaaaak sexy <3

Jaką masz radę dla osób, które są na początku swojej przygody?

Trzymaj to scorpio, a ból kiedyś przeminie, kiedy wyglądasz tak zajebiście.

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